Friday, 30 November 2012

The F word, and why I'm a terrible mother

I swear, from time to time. Usually when annoyed. So of course my daughted has picked it up.

She's clever though. She understands the context of it.

As in, one day I caught myself in time, and said "Flip!" instead.

She laughed and said "Fuck!". She knew that flip was a substitute word. She knew that it meant the other F word.

I laughed too (hence the terrible mother bit).

Every now and then now, she will say it and laugh. I explain that it is a word we're only supposed to use when we're angry or upset.

She goes "waiah waih" (purely a pretend cry) and then says fuck again, and laughs.

She also heard me yell "Bollocks" once at Sherlock, the newf we had for a while. After that, any time I yelled at him, even though I controlled my language, she would yell "Bollocks" at him. 

So she may know swear words, but at least she understands the context, I suppose.

Oh how busy this child is going to keep me!

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