Monday, 23 July 2012

The thing about mess, when you live with a toddler, and dogs, is just to accept it. If you try to struggle against it, it will still happen. And either way, you'll have to clean it up at the end of the day. So just go with it, and then at least the making of the mess is fun.

Sunday, 22 July 2012


I entered the world of babywearing slowly. I knew I wanted to carry my baby. I never believed any of that ridiculous nonsense about leaving babies down so they get used to it. So while pregnant, I bought a mainstream sling-carrier. I tried it on in the shop and it seemed great. But lots of things seem like a great idea before you have an actual baby.

She never felt fully secure in it, so I always had a hand behind her (defeats the purpose of hands-free) and though it was supposed to do until she was about 9 months, she was too tall for it by 4. So I put it away and thought I would have to use the pram instead. I have since learned that these types of carriers are particularly bad for babies' hip development as they are hanging with the weight on their crotch, not knee-to-knee. They also aren't particularly comfortable, and are sometimes disparagingly referred to as "crotch danglers". I am personally not a fan of this term. They are the ONLY carriers available in most baby shops and most people's introduction to babywearing and the term suggests an elitist babywearing group reality, which I hope isn't the case.

My next foray into babywearing was an ergo when Ruffian Child was about 10 months old. Or at least, I thought it was an ergo. Serves me right for trying to get one on the cheap - I ended up with a fake. It's a decent fake, so it's hard to tell the difference, and thankfully nothing bad ever happened on all the miles I have walked with the baby/toddler in it. Info on fake ergos and the tell-tale signs can be found here. They are one of the most copied sling brands so there are tons of fakes about, and as I learned the hard way, if it's cheap it is probably fake.

Shortly before I realised it was fake, I realised Ruffian child was outgrowing it.  She wasn't knee-to-knee anymore, her legs are particular long for her age. So it was time to invest in a toddler carrier. But which one???

Thankfully this time, I had  experienced and knowledgeable babywearers at my disposal, via the Babywearing Ireland Facebook group and page; as well as the website and forum.

I borrowed from the sling library, which is a marvellous way to try slings out for a small fee before shelling out for an expensive one. I almost bought a huckepack, as I thought they looked fabulous, but luckily I didn't as although it is a fabulous carrier and very popular, it just didn't work very well for us.

We have instead bought, after trying, a Toddler Tula Folk Birds (it's beautiful). I got it preloved but hardly used from the babywearing Ireland forum. It is wonderful, though the one thing I don't love about it is the straps don't come off so it can't be used for a hip carry. So I also recently acquired an EllaRoo Mei Hip - the Tula is great for long walks with the dogs, but sometimes she just needs to be up in arms right around that time that I need to cook dinner. So although it's slightly too narrow for knee-to-knee, I am ok with using it for short periods, it's only for 5-10 minutes at a time.

There are beautiful slings out there. If I have another child, I will learn to use wraps, and ringslings. And especially coveted (by me) are the Melkaj Mei Teis.  Beautiful!

Babywearing - fun, best for baby and toddler who get cuddles and contact, and fashionable...


Ruffian child, AKA the toddler is off with her Nana today, so I am taking the opportunity to dye my hair (I could tidy the house ... but, nah).

I have the bathroom in such a state that it looks like someone was killed in there. Killed and dismembered.

My upper body looks like it's been tattooed as the dye-covered hairs have dragged and dripped on it.

Let's hope the hair turns out well, then it'll all be worth it!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I think a clean messy house is a happy house...well that's what I keep telling myself anyway. I live with a toddler and making messes are fun for her. And the dogs. And the cats. And we live in Ireland, where it's usually wet which, mixed with toddler and dogs and cats, leads to mud.

I'll be posting about parenting, animals, and all sorts of other random stuff. During time when I could be cleaning and tidying, but won't be.