Saturday, 24 November 2012

Songs my Daughter loves

E isn't really interested in the TV yet, but she does like to watch some music videos on youtube.

These are some of her favourites - most by Caspar Babypants, AKA Chris Ballew, who used to be in The Presidents of the United States of America (famous for their mid 90s songs Peaches and Lump) of whom I was a fan, back in the day! We were given a Caspar Babypants CD as a gift soon after E was born, and while she has long since outgrown the babygrows and bibs and booties, Babypants music has enduring popularity!

This is her current favourite, a funny silly song about Stompy the Bear

Former favourite, she still loves it, it's a catchy tune!

She calls them "space cows" and pronounces it "bana-mana"!

This one is hilarious...

Beware the following song, it's so catchy you'll find yourself singing it even when your child has long gone to bed and you're meant to be having some adult time..

Another impossibly catchy one, and you can dance to this one too (trust me, I have...)

She likes some TV theme tunes, even though she doesn't watch the shows yet, I sometimes sing or hum them to her before I read the books(her poor ears...)!

And three slightly more peaceful ones, to finish:


  1. Thanks for these, I spent a lovely Sunday morning tucked up in bed with my two littlest ones listening to these songs. This gave me at least an extra half an hour in bed. I salute you!

  2. Oh excellent, glad I could help, any extra time in bed is so precious!