Monday, 10 December 2012

Ruined Castle and other Scenery in the Midlands

One lovely, sunny day and one wet dismal day, took some nice pics on both days though on our recent trip down the country to the lowlands (the midlands are flatter than Donegal!).

I love, love, love old castles.

This is Roscommon Castle in Roscommon town, it's over 700 years old!

Does my arse look big in this?! Oh yes it most certainly does, that's what I get for trying to take arty-shadow-shots! 

Near the castle, a park and duck pond.

 We fed the ducks - or at least, we tried to. I think everyone else must have been feeding them as well, as they weren't very hungry, and E was unimpressed. We ended up giving some bread to the crows instead, they seemed more interested in it!

 And this is the rainy day which followed, water droplets landing in the river, the rain so slow but thick it felt misty and we couldn't see far upstream.

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