Friday, 14 December 2012

More Christmas songs!!!

Ok, some more of my favourites...

Including the funny, odd little intro - David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Little Drummer Boy

Little Donkey - this reminds me of the time when I, in 2nd or 3rd class (I was 8 or 9) played Mary in the nativity play in school. I know, right?! Me! Mary. I can still remember, I played Mary so I had lines, and then I had to take a step back and join the singers and sing the song with them. It's a beautiful song.

Let it Snow, by Dean Martin. This is the song that plays at the end of Die Hard, and Die Hard 2 - some of my favourite Xmas films!Yippie Kay-yay, motherfucker!

East 17 - Stay another day. Oh my. This takes me back to the Milford Inn in the 1990s. Slow sets, and no one asking big, awkward, gangly-legged me out to dance probably because I was taller than them, and weird. Worried I would never, ever have my first kiss when everyone else was out there on the dancefloor eating the faces off one another. Wishing I could kiss one of the members of East 17 - can't remember his name now, had a massive crush on him. The one on the right in the video.

This is so cheesy, so kitsch, and yer man is such a poser. But hey, this is the time of the year for cheese (both the song type, and that served with a good glass of wine...) The Darkness - Don't Let the Bells End

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