Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A new word

I learned a new word recently. Not my two year old (she learns new words every day!). I did.


As in, I am a cisgendered female. Which means I identify as a female, and am biologically a female. So what, you might think - so did I for half a second when I initially read the word.

Then I realised. It is the opposite of transgendered, to be biologically one but identify as the other.

If there is no word for "the opposite of transgendered" the default word might be "Normal". So you have "trans" people, and "normal" people. That's not so nice territory, as when you switch it around, the opposite of "normal" is "abnormal".

So I am quite happy to say that I am a cisgendered female, and I am delighted that a word exists to describe it, even if I am slightly surprised that I hadn't heard/read it before in all my time studying sociology.

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