Sunday, 13 January 2013

More drama than the soaps...

So my Christmas started off quiet, but suddenly became very dramatic - and I really prefer my drama on the TV. All the same, I coped, as what else is there to do really - with the aid of great friends and fantastic family.

I can't go into too many details here as I'm not all that anonymous, so for now at least it'll have to suffice to say that Soc Mammy is now Single Soc Mammy, having discovered a few nasties about the husband, and left on account of them.

I hope to resume more regular blog posts soon, but I'm in the middle of sorting out finances and moving house at the moment. E has reacted very well to everything, thankfully - she has been more bothered by the onset of her 2 year molars than the turbulent situation, to be honest.

So happy new year, everyone, hope your holiday season wasn't as dramatic as mine!

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